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Published:  13 Jul 2021

Portugal in motion for EWoS 2021

Vamos lá! As the longstanding coordinators of the European Week of Sport (EWoS) in Portugal, the Portuguese Institute of Sport and Youth (IPDJ) are no strangers to the campaign - as is obvious from their exciting plans.

Working with with their ambassadors and a vast network of national, regional and local stakeholders, their long-term commitment inspires all Portuguese citizens to #BeActive not only during the EWoS, but also throughout the year.

Moving Portuguese people

Despite the well-known benefits for physical and mental health, levels of physical activity are currently stagnating or even declining in some European countries. The IPDJ view the EWoS and its wider campaign as the perfect platform to promote sporting activities and initiatives involving all citizens, regardless of age, gender, social background, or level of physical fitness.

Over the years, the #BeActive campaign has become increasingly popular in Portugal. Even during the pandemic, the #BeActiveAtHome message reached over a million Portuguese citizens in 2020!

Record numbers

Staying connected to the European Week of Sport’s roots, this year, the IPDJ will be offering Portuguese citizens a week full of activities in education venues, workplace, home, outdoors, sports clubs and fitness centres across the country.

The aim is to involve record numbers of Portuguese citizens through all the events including the Inclusive Sports Day, Senior Sports Day and the Nautical Sports Day. And, of course, the well-loved #BeActive Night will be one of the main events.

They will be partnering with some Member-States and livestreaming activities taking place simultaneously in different countries.

One key focus of the IPDJ is to engage Portuguese citizens of all ages and accessibility to #BeActive.

Following on from their success in 2020, they will be delivering sports kits to Portugal’s elderly population through elderly support centers and to the disabled population through the support of CERCIS. They will also be distributing the kits for traditional Portuguese games to schools.

Family sport

Held in Lisbon, which was named the European Capital of Sport in 2021, the Family Sport Fest is a jam-packed day (and night) for families. Dance workshops will be on offer, along with night races, try outs of various sports, and many other activities.

A night race and sport activities will also be held in Oporto, the second-largest city in Portugal to help involve as many people as possible and to avoid the centralisation of activities.

Stay tuned as additional initiatives continue to be set up to involve thousands of Portuguese citizens across the country.

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Published:  13 Jul 2021