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For community cohesion and social inclusion

Published:  1 Sep 2021

#BeInclusive Sport Awards 2021 now open for nominations

 #BeInclusive EU Sport Awards

Celebrate successful inclusion through sport make a welcome return in 2021. 

With a total prize fund of EUR15,000 for first, second and third placed winners in each category, the winner and finalists are chosen to inspire other organisations and individuals around Europe.

The types of projects that may be nominated for #BeInclusive prizes typically involve:

  • disadvantaged, marginalised or underprivileged groups such as individuals with difficult social, economic or educational backgrounds
  • people with a disability and/or health challenges
  • people of diverse cultural background such as migrants, refugees, ethnic minorities or people living with geographical barriers and more.

Winners will be announced at a special ceremony where they will receive their prizes. The three prize categories include:

  1. Breaking Barriers
    This category is to reward projects that demonstrate resilience, with examples of overcoming obstacles to participation
  2. Celebrating diversity 
    For sporting projects that demonstrate tolerance, with positive examples of different people, groups and collaborations which emphasise the benefits of understanding each other
  3. Inspiring change 
    This prize category recognises projects that provide inspiration, telling positive stories of empowerment, with exemplary role models from disadvantaged groups who step up to lead change.

To learn more, consult the Rules of the Contest which are published on the EC’s Funding & Tender Opportunities Portal (F&TP).

Closing date for the receipt of entries is 21 October 2021.

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Published:  1 Sep 2021