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Published:  2 May 2022

Call for experts for a Task Force on harmonised sport statistics in the EU (TF SPORT)

The purpose of TF SPORT is to support evidence-based policy-making at both national and EU level by harmonising existing methodologies and definitions on sport statistics.

Close-up of multi-ethnic people holding basketball above

In support of the European Commission’s evidence-based sport policy, GOPA Luxembourg is conducting a study on the development of harmonised sport statistics in the EU.

In this context, GOPA launched on 11 April a call for expression of interest to select members of a new Task Force on harmonised sport statistics in the EU.

The TF SPORT aims to

  • foster a common understanding, measurement and recognition of the less tangible benefits linked with sport and physical activity
  • pave the way towards a possible future European Sport Satellite Account (SSA)

The TF SPORT is integrating all types of stakeholders and work strands related to sport statistics under one umbrella.

Published:  2 May 2022