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Published:  14 Oct 2022

How to #BeActive in the autumn

Different interesting activities can take place during the autumn, a perfect time to #BeActive outdoors.

Cycling, mountain biker couple on cycle trail in autumn forest.

Staying physically active all-year round is important, but how can we make our sport routines more fun during each season? 

The arrival of the autumn and the change of sceneries to orange, yellow and red palette landscapes is the perfect time to practice outdoor activities and breathe fresh air.


With the golden light hitting the trees, hiking is the number one activity we recommend.  

There are many hiking trails in Europe, some easier than others, but all of them offer an adventurous challenge!

Mountain biking

Mountain biking is another outdoor activity that we highly encourage.

It does require a high level of endurance, but you will be able to experience forest trails located at the very heart of nature.


When it comes to skiing, you may already find open ski resorts from October or November onwards.

During the autumn, the luckiest ones can enjoy skiing and snowboarding without the hustle of crowds! 

Outdoors… or indoors

Autumn is also a good time to go jogging and take part in all sorts of outdoor activities.

However, if the weather is not great, there is always a chance to do home workouts, play indoor sports, or go to the gym.

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Published:  14 Oct 2022