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Published:  16 Sep 2022

'She Runs', equity through sport

About the 'She Runs' initiative  

The 'She Runs' initiative seeks to maintain and improve girls’ health, empower them and encourage their leadership. These objectives are essential to achieving gender equality. 

By unlocking opportunities for young women, 'She Runs' contributes to reducing gender bias and building a society in which gender equality is the norm. 

Sport is an excellent means to break barriers and ensure the inclusion of otherwise marginalised groups, such as women and girls.  

'She Runs' is the flagship initiative of the International School Sport Federation.

'She Runs' 2022

This year’s edition of the event was hosted in Brussels, the capital of Europe. 22 countries participated, among them Afghanistan, Ukraine, Brazil and South Africa. 

Among the ambassadors, professional sportswomen, Cynthia Bolingo (sprinter) and Malia Metella (swimmer), participated in the event.  

It featured 6 main elements

  1. a Scavenger Hunt, which participants to discover Brussels in a fun and exciting way
  2. the Run & Village, which presented participants with the possibility to make intercultural friendships and discover the benefits of sport for health
  3. the Talk, a space where the audience was able to connect with role models and empowering achievers
  4. the Nation’s Night, a magical evening where Belgian and international participants performed in a show focused on creatively representing their culture to all other participants
  5. the Design Sprint, training and workshops on tangible projects that can help contribute to the participation, physical activity and leadership of young women in their local communities and schools.
  6. the Conference, as part of which more than 200 participants attended panel discussions on the role of school sport to empower girls and raise awareness on environmental issues

'She Runs' was launched in 2019, the first edition taking place in Paris, France. Over 6 days, 2 500 local schoolgirls and 300 schoolgirls from more than 20 countries took part.

The International School Sport Federation

Established in 1972, the ISF is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) operating as the global umbrella organisation and governing body for national school sport organisations. 

ISF organises sport and educational events for people from 6 to 18 years old. Because of its impactful work, the organisation is a major partner of the European Week of Sport.  

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Published:  16 Sep 2022