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About funding opportunities

The Commission offers numerous opportunities for funding the field of sport - including collaborative projects and Erasmus+

Pilot Projects and Preparatory Actions

Decided yearly by the European Parliament and managed by the European Commission, Pilot Projects and Preparatory Actions are new initiatives aimed to test the feasibility of an action and to prepare future EU activities.

Funding within Erasmus+ Pilot Projects and Preparatory Actions can be found in the following news item.

You can search direct funding for sport projects outside of Erasmus+.

The Erasmus+ Sport programme

The Erasmus+ Sport Programme funds partnerships between sports organisations, non-profit events and research.

The main focus is on grassroots sport. Links to calls specific to the sport programme can be found via the link to Pilot Projects/preparatory actions below.

More information on funding opportunities through the Erasmus+ programme can be found on the Erasmus+ site. To learn more, please follow the links to the Erasmus+ Annual Work Programme and the Programme Guide.

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