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For community cohesion and social inclusion

2000 Outdoor Activity Days

The urge to get out there and enjoy the great outdoors will be matched with a pledge from It's Great Out There to help that to happen.

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Description of pledge

The It's Great Out There Coalition will finance the delivery of over 2000 Outdoor Activity Days in 2022. 

Each Outdoor Activity Day represents one person spending one day in nature as part of a targeted physical activity intervention. This aims to get inactive or excluded citizens active in a sustainable, inclusive and responsible way. 

The days will be delivered as part of the Coalition grants programme by outdoor activity providers all over Europe. The initiative will have the support of the Coalition and it's member organisations. 

Any not-for-profit organisation can apply to receive funding. Grants can be awarded to support projects that reach citizens of all ages and from any background. 

Access the outdoors

However, one priority we have identified is, ideas that will help young people access the outdoors for the first time. In particular, those who are based in the inner cities or live in circumstances that mean getting access to the hills and mountains is really difficult.

Since its creation in 2017, the It's Great Out There Coalition has supported 38 such projects, introducing 6.799 individuals to activity in nature. 

First introduced in January 2021, the Outdoor Activity Days mechanism has resulted in delivery of 2.628 Outdoor Activity Days already in the first year. It will continue to deliver great results in the years to come.

Find out more about the It's Great Out There Coalition Outdoor Activity Days and available funding via our website.

Expected measurable outcome

2000 Outdoor Activity Days to our OAD quality standard:

  • Min. 150 minutes of physical activity per day in line with the WHO weekly physical activity guidelines.
  • Delivered in a safe environment guaranteed by outdoor activity professionals.
  • Aimed at activating sustainably, inclusively and responsibly.
  • Aimed at educating participants on environmental aspects of being in nature.
  • Strong connections with the outdoor industry for communication and material support.