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Healthy Lifestyle promotors Europe

Providing clear & educational information about healthy lifestyles to everybody in the community is the goal of the Healthy Lifestyle Promoters Europe pledge.

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Description of pledge activities

We pledge to promote the New Health programme, Healthy Lifestyle Promoters Europe.

The aim is to provide easily available and understandable information about healthy lifestyles to

  • sports, healthcare and lifestyle professionals
  • volunteers
  • organisations
  • consumers

Educational standards

The Healthy Lifestyle Promoter course is provided in seven languages. It teaches knowledge and provides tools to improve physical activity, healthy eating, mental fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

Together with Europe Active, we have developed educational standards for

  1. Healthy Lifestyle promoter (EQF2), a free consumer lifestyle platform
  2. Healthy Lifestyle Promoter course and e-learning for professionals

We also pledge to conduct research on the role and impact Healthy Lifestyle Promoters have on behavioural change in the target groups.

Healthy Lifestyle Promoters

We will create and support a European network of Healthy Lifestyle promoters.

The Healthy Lifestyle promoter may be a sports professional, healthcare professional, a teacher, but also a community worker, member of a sporting organisation or volunteer.

New Health provides them with motivation and knowledge about healthy eating, sports and the risks of unhealthy living.

International guidelines

We will utilise the international guidelines for healthy living from the WHO together with the latest research on lifestyle medicine.

We will translate this information to a healthy living, easy-to-use e-learning and a knowledge centre.

This way, we hope to ensure that the knowledge of WHO and the Health Council about healthy exercise and healthy food is understood and applied.

Also, we intend that the knowledge about positive health and behavioural change will spread to neighbourhoods throughout Europe.

The program will be presented in

  • English
  • Dutch
  • Spanish
  • Slovak
  • Lithuanian
  • Portuguese
  • French