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For community cohesion and social inclusion

Intergenerational festival of health and sport

Top Forma Gym will organize an intergenerational festival of health and sport.

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The picture is a mix of a small pictures which shows people who excersised. The picture shows the sinergy between health, physical activity and environment.

Description of pledge activities

Top Forma Gym will organize an intergenerational festival of health and sport.

The initiative aims to get people to implement a healthy lifestyle by providing conditions and opportunities for target groups to meet their bio-psycho-sociological needs for movement.

This can be achieved through various sports and recreational activities, in order to

  • have more free and creative leisure time
  • maintain and improve health
  • maintain vitality, life and work optimism
  • maintain and improve general physical, functional and working abilities
  • prolong an active life

The Intergenerational festival of health and sport will be organized in each partner country (Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia) as a one-day event. It will bring together kinesiologists, physiotherapists, trainers and nutritionists, who will share advice with target groups and will support them in adopting healthy living habits.

Organised for all target groups, including people with disabilities, the festival will have a sports character. Intergenerational cooperation, diversity and inclusion, and networking will also be promoted.

Expected measurable outcome

  • Organise an intergenerational festival of health and sport in Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia.
  • Participation of more than 300 people at the festival.
  • Participation of more than 30 experts in the fields of kinesiology, physiotherapy, medicine and nutrition during the festival.
  • Increase awareness of target groups about their own health and the importance of a healthy lifestyle.