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For community cohesion and social inclusion

Modules in Physical Education Classes

The Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport will introduce a free of charge programme that connects sports federations and clubs with elementary schools, bringing new and innovative educational methods to physical education classes. 

Start date:
End date:
Group of little boys and girls dancing while having choreography class

Description of pledge activities

The initiative aims to 

  • improve physical education for pupils aged 6-10 by linking school-based sport activities/programmes to sports federations, community sport clubs and organisations
  • build sustainable school hubs which inspire pupils to spend their free time in an active way
  • improve the quality of physical education at primary schools through innovative, inclusive and interesting educational methods and content
  • inspire and motivate teachers to become an active part of this process through new approaches and innovative methods, helping them to develop their teaching skills and career

For the next school year 17, sport federations and organisations will perform sport activities such as street dance, cheerleading, handball and karate, among others.

Expected measurable outcome

  • Number of participating schools, classes and students.
  • Number of providers.
  • New certified training programmes for teachers focused on innovative forms of physical education teaching.
  • Quality of physical education verified by public survey.
  • More attractive and interesting physical education classes for children.