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For community cohesion and social inclusion

Strong Foundation for a Future Healthy Lifestyle

Encouraging pupils to have healthy habits and a positive attitude to sports!

Start date:
Children doing physical education in elementary school

Description of pledge activities

The National Sports Agency will launch regular visits of professional coaches in kindergartens and elementary schools to encourage pupils to have healthy habits and a positive attitude towards sport from an early age.

The presence of qualified coaches to pre-elementary and elementary school aims to facilitate future engagement of children in sport organisations while training teachers in new trends of physical education. 

The activities organised will improve children’ motor skills while allowing them to try different sports and physical activities- in a team or individually.  Based on children’s skills and their predisposition, coaches will recommend suitable sport activities for them.

Expected measurable outcome

  • Number of schools under the programme.
  • Number of children engaged in the programme.
  • Number of teachers engaged in the programme.
  • Number of professional coaches engaged in the programme.