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For community cohesion and social inclusion

#BeActive Awards

Supporting and celebrating projects and individuals dedicated to promoting sport and physical activity across Europe.


The awards have 4 categories.

#BeActive Education Award

This award aims to demonstrate how education can encourage kids to #BeActive outside the typical sport/physical activity taking place in their normal school day.

This may include additional activities, scheduling days outside of class that focus on sport, after-school activities and other creative solutions that build an active education environment.

#BeActive Workplace Award

This award celebrates exemplary activities in the workplace that encourage employees to #BeActive.

This may include setting up a staff taskforce responsible for promoting physical activity, provision of showers for cycling/running commuters, standing meetings, lunchtime walks and other creative solutions to form an active working environment.

#BeActive Local Hero Award

This award honours individual achievement in motivating others to #BeActive.

The award recognises individuals who have worked consistently to promote participation in sport and/or physical activity in their local community.

#BeActive Across Generation Award

As of 2022, this award honours projects promoting inter-generational sport, celebrating the fact that everyone can benefit from activities that improve health and well-being.

Projects may include promoting activities for, raising awareness among or easing access to physical activities for all generations.

2023 finalists and winners

Commissioner Iliana Ivanova announced the winners of the 2023 #BeActive Awards at the annual gala in Brussels on 23 November.

12 finalists competed for the grand prize in these four categories.

Each finalist received €2 500, while each of the four first-place winners received €10 000.


The shortlist for this category was made of

  • FC Groningen B.V., the Netherlands
  • Patronat Municipal de Serveis d'Atenció a les Persones de Martorell, Spain
  • Per Mertesacker Stiftung, Germany

Patronat Municipal de Serveis d’Atenció a les Persones de Martorell took the first place with its project “Martorell Educa 360” that addresses inequalities in the education system, and promotes educational success, equity, and social cohesion.


This year’s nominees for this category were

  • Eversports, Austria
  • Groep Sportoase, Belgium
  • MOVEVO Technologies, Austria

And the winner was Eversports for its project supporting an active lifestyle and life-work balance and creating opportunities for its employees to be active.

Local Hero

In contention for this award were

  • Efstratios Alexandropoulos, Greece
  • Kalin Vasilev, Bulgaria
  • Martino Corazza, Spain

With the winner being Kalin Vasilev, who has managed to inspire and lead thousands of Bulgarians towards a healthier and more active lifestyle with a project that is 100% volunteer and community based.

Across Generations

The finalists in this category were

  • Niedersächsische Kinderturnstiftung, Germany
  • Município de Vila Nova de Cerveira, Portugal
  • Universidad de Murcia, Spain

The first place was awarded to Município de Vila Nova de Cerveira for its project that seeks to encourage and motivate their citizens, especially the elderly community, to adopt healthy lifestyles.

#BeActive Awards Gala 2023

Check out the best moments of the #BeActive Awards Gala 2023!

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