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#BeActive Awards

The #BeActive awards were created to support projects and individuals that are dedicated to promoting sport and physical activity across Europe.

The awards have 4 categories 

  • #BeActive Education Award

This award aims to demonstrate how education can encourage kids to #BeActive outside the typical sport/physical activity taking place in their normal school day. This may include additional activities, scheduling days outside of class that focus on sport, after-school activities and other creative solutions that build an active education environment.

  • #BeActive Workplace Award

This award celebrates exemplary activities in the workplace that encourage employees to #BeActive. This may include setting up a staff taskforce responsible for promoting physical activity, provision of showers for cycling/running commuters, standing meetings, lunchtime walks and other creative solutions to form an active working environment.

  • #BeActive Local Hero Award

This award honours individual achievement in motivating others to #BeActive. The award recognises individuals who have worked consistently to promote participation in sport and/or physical activity in their local community.

  • #BeActive Across Generation Award (NEW in 2022)

This award honours projects promoting inter-generational sport, celebrating the fact that everyone can benefit from activities that improve health and well-being. Projects may include promoting activities for, raising awareness among or easing access to physical activities for all generations.

2022 finalists and winners

Commissioner Mariya Gabriel announced the winners of the #BeActive Awards 2022 at the annual gala in Brussels on 28 November 2022.

12 finalists competed for the grand prize in these four categories.

Each finalist received €2 500, while each of the four first-place winners received €10 000.


The finalists in this category were

  • Krokiet & Lama Academy, Poland
  • Croatian School Sport Federation, Croatia
  • Mascalzone Latino Sailing Team ASD, Italy

The first place went to Krokiet & Lama Academy, an initiative combining education, entertainment and movement in kindergartens and primary schools in the format of online videos.


Nominees for this category were

  • Adevinta Classified Media Hungary Kft., Hungary
  • Azur Sport Santé, France
  • EWII Koncernen, Denmark

The first place went to Move@work « Je bouge + au travail », a global approach created by Azur Sport Santé, based on scientific recommendations and literature, to help change the physical activity work-related habits and promote a more active and healthy lifestyle.

Local Hero

In contention for this award were

  • Branko Omazic, Croatia
  • Elias Mastoras, Greece
  • Piotr Mariusz Borowski, Poland

And the winner was Elias Mastoras. He is the founder of the International Campaign "A ball for all" and he has patented the unique mini blind football. The light sound ball is not for sale, but only for donation. 8 500 have been distributed for free in 213 countries and territories.

Across Generations

The shortlist for this new category was made of

  • Asilo Savoia, Italy
  • Suomen Latu Ry, Finland
  • Univerza V Ljubljani, Slovenia

Univerza V Ljubljani won with its SLOfit Lifelong project. SLOfit Lifelong was created to promote physical activities adapted to be used for all generations of Slovenian citizens, raise awareness for all generations to engage in healthy lifestyle choices. 

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