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For community cohesion and social inclusion

#BeInclusive EU Sport Awards

Celebrating European diversity and equality through sport activities and projects across the EU.
A group of smiling young volleyball players

Sport is fun and exciting. It brings people together. This makes it a powerful tool for breaking down social barriers.

Sport creates a sense of European identity and builds a more inclusive world.

Social inclusion

Every year, organisations whose work uses the power of sport to improve social inclusion for disadvantaged groups receive recognition from the European Commission with the #BeInclusive EU Sport Awards.

More than ever, European organisations are using sport as a constructive way to include people with all kinds of backgrounds in social activity.

That could be any group dealing with social challenges such as ethnic minorities, refugees, migrants, people with disabilities, vulnerable young people and others.

Innovative ideas

The awards promote innovative ideas and initiatives among other organisations and individuals across Europe.

Winning projects are presented as examples of best practice in the field of inclusion and non-discrimination. This further improves social integration through sport.

The three winners are announced at the #BeInclusive annual awards ceremony in Brussels where prize winners have the opportunity to present their projects to an audience of sport-inclusion experts.

The #BeInclusive EU Sport Awards show appreciation of the vital ways sport-related activities support social inclusion and empowerment.

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