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For community cohesion and social inclusion

Published:  27 Oct 2023

#BeActive: the game is on!

The European Week of Sport 2023 has just concluded. Here are some ideas to stay active throughout the year and make #BeActive a way of life!

Group of tennis players shaking hands after a match

The European Week of Sport 2023 reminded us that the value of sports goes far beyond mere physical activity.

Sport is a means to enhance our mental well-being and, most importantly, to promote inclusion, innovation, and a sense of belonging among all citizens.

How about becoming an ambassador for the values of sport promoted by #BeActive and inviting your friends to spread the message? If you need any advice, here are some ideas to “take the field”!

Innovation: try new ways to work out

Innovation has opened new doors in the world of sports. From virtual reality to online workouts, we have a wide range of options to keep the enthusiasm for sports alive during the winter.

Try new activities, experiment with different training methods, and discover what works best for you. Innovation makes sports accessible to everyone.

Engagement: make sports a social moment

Sports are not just a solitary activity but an opportunity to connect with others. Invite your friends to engage in sports together or participate in friendly competitions.

A strong sense of community develops when we share our passion for sports with others.

Nurture your well-being: four tips for physical activity

You do not need to work out every day, but regular physical activity is essential for your well-being. Here are four tips for consistent exercise.

  • Choose something you love: find a sport or physical activity that you are passionate about. It will be easier to stay consistent if you enjoy it.
  • Set realistic goals: define achievable goals for yourself. It could be a weekly run, a yoga class, or even an evening walk.
  • Make a plan: schedule your workout sessions in your agenda. Consider them as important commitments.
  • Involve friends: exercising with friends is motivating. Organize shared training sessions to support each other.

Whether it's a game of football with friends, a winter walk, or a new sports adventure, let's remember to stay active throughout the year.

Let's make #BeActive a way of life!

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Published:  27 Oct 2023