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For community cohesion and social inclusion

Published:  18 Dec 2023

European Week of Sport 2023: unity and inclusiveness win!

The ninth edition achieves extraordinary figures, with more than 11 million participants. It reaffirms the importance of sport beyond all limits.

boy skateboarding

11,002,234 participants united in 37,335 events held across Europe, involving 40 participating countries.

These are the extraordinary figures for the European Week of Sport 2023. They testify to the victory of all those who have taken to the field to promote and support physical activity and inclusion through sport.

This ninth edition perfectly embodied the values promoted by the European Union, offering an inclusive, innovative and engaging stage.

The beauty of each activity promoted in the various participating cities lies in the people who, with their different stories, passions and abilities, demonstrated that sport goes beyond all barriers and can be practised by everyone, regardless of the obstacles in their path.

Special thanks to all the volunteers

Special thanks go to all the volunteers whose valuable contribution made this extraordinary achievement possible.

Let us continue to work together to promote values of inclusion, diversity and participation. Together we can build a healthier and more inclusive future for all European citizens.

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Published:  18 Dec 2023