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Published:  13 Jul 2021

European Week of Sports return with joy, resilience, intergenerational themes

European Week of Sport 2021 highlights power of physical activity to bring joy, build resilience & connect generations. 


The European Week of Sport (EWoS) returns in September 2021, highlighting the power of physical activity to bring joy, build resilience and connect generations.

Once again, the annual World Olympic Day on 23 June marked the beginning of the #BeActive campaign ahead of the Week, which is planned to get Europeans moving during the week of 23-30 September.

We were delighted to welcome the National Coordinating Bodies and Partners to celebrate the start of the campaign during the Key Players Webinars, organised on 22 and 23 June. Both webinars were a good opportunity to discuss the campaign’s key points, dates, and vision together with the key actors of the EWoS, such as National Coordinating Bodies, Partners and Ambassadors who, year after year, make it the success that it has become.

EWoS raising awareness

The stunning scenery of Lake Bled in Slovenia will be the background for the official opening of the European Week of Sport 2021.

Through events such as the #BeActive Night and #BeActive Awards, this seventh edition of EWoS is focussed on the power of sport to bring people together and create joy, its contribution to building a more resilient society and the value of sport for everyone, regardless of age. the Week also raises awareness about the importance of physical activity and the resumption of sports activities, whether indoor or outdoor, for the wellbeing of individuals and communities. Over 71 million people across 42 countries and regions have joined in the Week’s activities over the years.

Additionally, because EWoS is for all ages, social backgrounds and fitness levels, this year it will be kicking off in parallel with the launch of the EU’s #HealthyLifestyle4All initiative.

Themes of EWoS 2021

While the physical and mental benefits of sport and physical activity need no introduction, our core themes for this year’s campaign do deserve one. “Joy”, “resilience” and “intergenerational” will bring EWoS to life through inspirational and real-life stories.

Sport is undeniably a source of joy for both individuals and communities and joyful exercise is, in turn, a motivator for physical activity. Sport can bring joy in many ways, and not always by making us physically stronger.

Physical activity is proven to build resilience for all on a daily basis and through challenging times. If there’s anything that the past months have taught us, it’s that, even in the toughest of circumstances, it is possible to #BeActive. Along with an uptake in home workouts, there has been a surge of interest in sports such as running and cycling, the only sports available during lockdowns in many countries.

This resilience is to be celebrated and maintained via sports. As we move towards the easing of restrictions and the reopening of society, it’s now time, more than ever, to become and remain active.

In addition to changing modes of physical activity, COVID-19 has increased awareness around the importance of communities. As we gradually move towards a post-COVID era, it will be essential to focus on rebuilding communities. Sport can play a big role here, as it has the power to bring us together and bridge the generational gap between young and old.

Healthy Lifestyle 4 All

Intergenerational sport is unmistakably a vital instrument to foster active ageing, social inclusion and community cohesion. Not only that, it can also help us all maintain a healthy lifestyle, which is the core goal of the European Commission’s #HealthyLifestyle4All initiative.

Follow the link to learn more about Healthy Lifestyle For All 

Kicking off during the opening of the European Week of Sport, for the next 2 years, this initiative aims to promote healthy lifestyles throughout Europe at a time when obesity and inactivity are on the rise.

Whether it’s the UEFA European Championship, the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, Wimbledon, or Tour de France, as Europeans get to cheer for their favourite athletes in this very athletic (and slightly less virtual) summer, our goal is to ensure that this excitement translates into enthusiasm for physical activity.

Much like as with the European Week of Sport, civil society organizations are welcome to contribute to the promotion of activities around healthy lifestyles and physical activities.

Hopefully, that starts with the possibility for Europeans to #BeActive together again this September.Follow the link to a tweet from Commissioner Mariya Gabriel with the trailer video for the European Week of Sport 2021.

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Published:  13 Jul 2021