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For community cohesion and social inclusion
Published:  12 Apr 2022

Meet the 2021 #BeInclusive EU Sport Awards Finalists – Talento & Tenacia

‘Talento & Tenacia’ (T&T) - translates as ‘Talent & Tenacity’ – is an Italian finalist for the ‘Inspiring Change’ category of the 2021 #BeInclusive EU Sport Awards. It endorses the employment and professional growth of young sportsmen with a view to encouraging more social responsibility.

T&T Project Manager Francesco Titotto talked about how this social inclusion programme, funded by Asilo Savoia, a public institution and charity founded in Rome in 1887, leverages the positive values of sport for individuals who find themselves in situations of hardship or economic difficulty.

Two young men playing football

Legally Binding

We bring legality values to people by using sport activities as a tool for social inclusion.

‘Talent & Tenacia’ provides disadvantaged communities with a comprehensive offer, based on solidarity and passion for sports. It provides

  • free after school services
  • access to psychological counselling
  • advancement of citizenship rights
  • legal education
  • employment opportunities
  • cultural programmes

These activities run in different districts of Rome like Montespaccato and Ostia.

The organisation fights hard for justice by guaranteeing that every citizen can have the chance to take part in sport, and by establishing a network with local shopkeepers and public entities which offer discounts and ensure welfare programmes are implemented.

As Francesco Titotto best describes it,

We follow a circular model; no one is paying, but everyone is gaining advantage.

In one example of the initiative’s community benefits, T&T was able to reopen a sports centre which had been mismanaged by criminal organisations. Thanks to collaboration between the region government and T&T, the centre returned with new infrastructure and training programmes. In their view, they ‘reconstructed something that was broken and built the path towards social inclusion.’

Justice for All

T&T has helped bring back people’s confidence in their community, brought districts alive and built trust, pride and a sense of identity in districts. 

Its recognition goes beyond Italy’s borders. International institutions like SIGA (Sport Integrity Global Alliance) and nationally respected awards like the Paolo Borsellino (honouring an anti-mafia judge who was assassinated for his integrity) have defined this project as a best practice. 

Since its conception, ‘Talent & Tenacity’ has been able to ‘create a real, nice glue for people to be together, share time and spaces’, said Francesco Titotto. In short, it has provided a sense of belonging. 


Join the 2021 #BeInclusive EU Sport Awards Ceremony online on 4 May 2022 to find out the winners! 


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Published:  12 Apr 2022