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Published:  17 Oct 2022

The European Week of Sport in Serbia and Germany

Here is how the European Week of Sport panned out in Serbia and Germany, two of the 40 participating countries of the 2022 edition.

This year’s European Week of Sport spanned across 40 countries and regions in Europe and beyond. Everywhere, people followed the #BeActive motto and took part in a diverse range of sport activities.

Let’s take a closer look at what happened in Serbia and Germany.


In Serbia, 166 sports events were held in 25 cities and municipalities. Around 45 000 participants took part in various sports activities, public trainings, educational workshops and tournaments.

The most notable events were Urban Sport Fest, Sports Challenge and BeActive Night, which was organised in Belgrade’s Tašmajdan Park. The evening featured live demonstrations of fitness workouts, shuffle dance, a street workout challenge and a relay night race called “Overcoming Obstacles”. 

The “I Run for School” challenge started on the same night. During one month, 5 000 participants ran over 100 000 km, which were registered via an app and donated to 10 schools. The first 3 schools collecting the most kilometres won vouchers to purchase sports equipment and props for PE classes.


The call to #BeActive resonated across Germany. Around 850 events took place during the week, 250 of which in Frankfurt. 

People could participate in numerous activities, such as running, cycling or playing tennis under a sunny sky.

On the evening of 24 September, more than 20 #BeActive Nights took place in different cities, including the #BeActive Dance Night, which lasted three hours and featured a spectacular light show.

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Published:  17 Oct 2022