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About sport policy

The development and implementation of European policy in the field of sport is the responsibility of the Directorate General for Youth, Sport, Education and Culture (DG EAC), a department within the European Commission (EC).

The activities of DG EAC in the field of sport are outlined by

What are the EC's responsibilities for sport?

EAC is responsible for the development of evidence-based policy in the field of sport. It also fosters cooperation and manages initiatives to support physical activity and sport across Europe,  notably through the Erasmus+ programme.

As the executive arm of the European Union, the EC is accountable to the European Parliament. In the case of DG EAC, the Education and Culture Committee is responsible for oversight.

What are main EC priorities in sport?

DG EAC has 3 main priorities in the field of sport

  1. protect integrity and values in sport
    • safe environment and good governance in sport
    • fight against doping
    • combat manipulations of competitions
    • education in and through sport
    • athlete‚Äôs rights
    • gender equality
  2. socio-economic and environmental dimensions of sport
    • innovation and digitalisation
    • green and sustainable sport
    • investment in sport and physical activity
    • strengthening of the recovery and the crisis-resilience of the sport sector during and in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic
  3. promotion of participation in sport and health-enhancing activity
    • creation and promotion of adequate opportunities for sport and physical activity for all generations
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