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About sport policy

The Directorate General for Youth, Sport, Education and Culture (DG EAC), is the branch of the European Commission charged with the development and implementation of European policy in the field of sport.

The activities of DG EAC in the field of sport are outlined by

What are the Commission's responsibilities for sport?

EAC is responsible for the development of evidence-based policy in the field of sport, as well as fostering cooperation, and managing initiatives in support of physical activity and sport across Europe, notably through the Erasmus+ programme.

As the executive arm of the European Union, the European Commission is held accountable to the European Parliament, namely, in the case of DG EAC, the Education and Culture Committee.

What are Commission activities in sport?

DG EAC has three main areas of activity in the field of sport

  • integrity of sport - in particular promoting good governance including the safeguarding of minors, the specificity of sport, combatting corruption and match fixing, as well as fighting doping
  • economic dimension of sport – in particular innovation in sport, and sport and the digital single market
  • sport and society – in particular social inclusion, the role of coaches, education in and through sport, sport and health, sport and environment and sport and media as well as sport diplomacy

What are the next steps?

In addition to the Erasmus+ programme, which provides a variety of activities to promote the role of sport in society, DG EAC will be managing other initiatives to increase the role of sport in society.

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