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For community cohesion and social inclusion

European Week of Sport

Promoting sport and physical activity across Europe. It takes place every year from 23 to 30 September.
Portrait of a middle-aged woman running outdoors

The European Week of Sport promotes participation in sport and physical activity, and aims to raise awareness about the numerous benefits of both.

It encourages European citizens to "#BeActive", not only during the Week, but to stay fit all year long.

Benefits of sport and physical activity

Sport and physical activity contribute to our physical and mental wellbeing.

The lack of physical activity not only has a negative impact on society and people’s health, but also results in economic costs.

In addition, sport has the potential to strengthen messages of tolerance and reinforce citizenship throughout Europe.

Promoting the role of sport as a means of social inclusion will help address ongoing challenges in European society.

Despite the growing body of research highlighting the importance of sport in maintaining our wellbeing as well as building an inclusive and economically vibrant society, levels of physical activity are currently stagnating, and even declining, in some Member States.

The European Week of Sport aims to respond to this challenge.

Who can take part

The Week is for everyone – regardless of age, background or fitness level – and helps

  • individuals
  • public authorities
  • the sport movement
  • civil society organisations
  • the private sector

collaborate in the field of sport.

Events in the EU27 and beyond

This Commission-led initiative is largely decentralised, taking place across Europe.

The Week involves close collaboration with the national coordinators and many different partners who are firmly committed to supporting its goals.

The initiative structures a wide range of activities – at European, national, regional and local levels – around the themes of

  • education
  • workplace
  • outdoors
  • sport clubs
  • fitness centres

The Week has expanded beyond its European beginnings, as countries and regions from the Western Balkans and Eastern Partnerships have joined the initiative.

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