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For community cohesion and social inclusion

The HealthyLifestyle4All Initiative

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As a follow-up to the Tartu Call for a Healthy Lifestyle, the HealthyLifestyle4All is the European Commission’s two-year campaign that aims to link sport and active lifestyles with health, food and other policies.

It showcases the European Commission’s commitment to promoting healthy lifestyles for all, across generations and social groups, noting that everyone can benefit from activities that improve health and well-being.

To promote a broad outreach, uptake and ownership of healthy lifestyles across society, the European Commission wishes to involve sport movements at national, European and international level; state authorities (ministries), cities & regions (local governments) and civil society organisations of the EU Member States, the Erasmus+ programme countries, the Eastern Partnership and Western Balkans countries.

The main features of the HealthyLifestyles4All initiative

Three pillars

  1. Increased awareness of a healthy lifestyle across all generations
  2. Easier access to sport, physical activity and healthy diets, with special focus on inclusion and non-discrimination to reach disadvantaged groups
  3. Teaming up for a holistic approach to food, health, well-being and sport

Openness to civil society

Including the sport movement and beyond, national (ministries), local and regional authorities and international bodies.

An online Pledge Board

Which will collect pledges and will be visible on the Commission’s Sport Website.

What is a pledge?

A pledge is a voluntary commitment by an organisation or institution to carry out an initiative, activity or campaign to promote healthy lifestyles for all, across generations and social groups.

A pledge may consist in an original initiative or a new addition to an already existing activity to be launched during the time of the campaign.

The ultimate aim of a pledge is to showcase a concrete contribution to HealthyLifestyle4All.

The HealthyLifestyle4All pledges should aim to

  • create added value within one of the three pillars
  • encourage synergy and cooperation, demonstrating the power of making a collective contribution to promoting a healthier lifestyle
  • include a call for new activities or policy initiatives, or reinvigorate existing initiatives or policies that help promote healthy lifestyles in society
  • target either society at large or focus on a specific target group in a country or countries
  • be launched and implemented - entirely or in part - during the lifespan of the initiative (2021-2023)

HealthyLifestyle4All pledge launch

Commissioner Gabriel officially launched HealthyLifestyle4All during a high-level seminar on 23 September 2021 in Bled, in presence of the major European and international sport organisations and national sport authorities.

On that special occasion, Commissioner Gabriel invited sport organisations, civil society, international, national, regional and local authorities, to join in the co-creation of the initiative to promote healthy lifestyles amongst generations and across social groups.

HealthyLifeStyle4All: Youth Ideas Labs unveil their proposals

The HealthyLifeStyle4All Youth Ideas Labs, an initiative to give young people a voice on how to ensure a healthy lifestyle for everyone, have recently unveiled their ideas and solutions after three in-person meetings during the European Year of Youth.

Frequently asked questions

State authorities (ministries), representatives of the sport movement and Civil Society organisations, cities and regions (local governments) of the EU Member States, countries associated with Erasmus+, Eastern Partnership and Western Balkans countries and European and international sport movement and partner organisations, are invited to join the Commission in co-creating this initiative by submitting their own pledges through the online Pledge Board. Pledges vary in type and scale from small local associations to international organisations and national authorities. The range of organisations who are invited to co-create this initiative by submitting pledges includes: • State authorities (ministries) of the EU Member States, countries associated with Erasmus+, Eastern Partnership and Western Balkans countries • European and international sport umbrella organisations and partner organisations; sport organisations of the EU Member States, countries associated with Erasmus+, Eastern Partnership and Western Balkans countries • Other Civil Society organisations from the EU Member States, countries associated with Erasmus+, Eastern Partnership and Western Balkans countries

  • Cities and regions (local governments) of EU Member States, countries associated with Erasmus+, Eastern Partnership and Western Balkans countries.

Individuals cannot submit pledges.

Pledges do not receive any funding. They are altruistic in nature and are provided in good will.

Each pledge will be considered in a reasonable timeframe. The submitting organisation will be informed via email if the proposed pledge is accepted or rejected, if modifications are required and when the pledge will be published. Once a pledge is accepted, it will be published the HealthyLifestyle4All web page for the duration of the campaign.

No. Pledges are understood to be initiatives provided by various organisations, which contribute towards the goals of the HealthyLifestyle4All initiative.

The European Commission reserves the right to refuse proposals for pledges in case these do not comply with the objectives of the initiative or if the content is unsuitable. Unsuitable content includes:

  • abusive, obscene, vulgar, slanderous, hateful, xenophobic, threatening or sexually-oriented comments
  • spam, advertising for a website or product
  • duplicate content, where the same content has been posted more than once by the same user
  • off-topic comments
  • links to illegal or pirated software 
  • any other content reported to us with a valid explanation as to why it’s unsuitable
  • the pledge does not fall within the scope or within one of the three pillars of the initiative
  • the proposal does not include a new activity or does not reinvigorate existing initiatives or policies
  • the pledge is not launched or implemented during the life span of the initiative
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