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SHARE 2.0 initiative

Focusing on access to EU funding, health, innovation, and sustainability in the field of sport. It is the successor to the SHARE initiative, which ran between 2018 and 2023.

How does it work?

SHARE 2.0 will structure and strengthen collaboration and knowledge exchange on key subjects in the field of sport: access to EU funding, health, innovation, and sustainability.

It builds on the results of the SHARE initiative.

It will create four communities of practice aiming to

  • enhance stakeholders’ capacity to identify and use EU funding to foster sport and physical activity
  • promote and replicate promising practices in health, innovation, and green sport to learn from experiences and respond and adapt to potentially emerging needs

Communities of practice are a proven method that allows all participants to take up an active role.

They are a participatory system that uses their members' pro-activeness to provide highly meaningful content.

Who can take part

The SHARE 2.0 communities of practice are open to (among others)

  • public authorities
  • grassroots sports organisations
  • federations
  • policy experts
  • practitioners interested in developing sport at local, regional, national, or European level

The communities in detail

All members are part of the community of practice on EU funding by default.

According to their profile and interest, they can also join one of three specialised thematic communities.

Community of practice on EU funding

This community brings continuity with the SHARE initiative, with a primary focus on EU funds.

It will provide members with workshops and networking opportunities allowing them to learn about EU funding options for sport that have been analysed only marginally so far, such as

It is open to all sport stakeholders interested in discovering more about EU funding options for sport.

Thematic community of practice on health

This community is the successor to the HealthyLifestyle4All initiative.

The scope is to share promising practices developed through HealthyLifestyle4All and via Erasmus+ projects, to identify trends and ideally scale up projects. 

This community is open to

  • all HealthyLifestyle4All pledge holders
  • Erasmus+ beneficiaries
  • practitioners linking sport and health

Thematic community of practice on innovation

This community is expected to continue the work started at the Sport and Innovation Summit.

The goal is to

  • support the discussion about the challenges linked to innovation in the field of sport in the EU
  • facilitate the circulation of innovative ideas to generate a spill-over effect

This community is open to all innovators in the field of sport who would like to connect to other innovators and help frame the priorities for the future.

Thematic community of practice on green and sustainable sport

This community is the follow-up to the Green Sport Expert Group, which drafted a report with recommendations on “Sport’s contribution to the European Green Deal”.

Putting these recommendations into practice requires capacity-building measures and technical guidance. A community of practice is an ideal setting to support this process.

This community is open to

  • all former members of the Green Sport Expert Group
  • those who are interested in playing an active role in making sport more sustainable